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Age: 47 | seeks gay Slave dating in Tampa St Petersburg, Florida (FL) USA

22. I enjoy using and abusing a slaves asshole. I also very much enjoy being orally worshiped. I have a fairly large c0ck with huge balls. The ideal for me, would have large bvtt which he would enjoy having roughed up. Everything from having them slapped to having them beaten would be quite erotic for me. he would also enjoy deepthroating my c0ck and lick my balls,let me ram my hard into your tight hairy . wanna feel my hot sperm dropping out on your balls? everything about sex.let me on top and you will find out. for hours, until I unloaded on him.A slut who enjoys being used and abused as well as being verbally humiliated is what I seek.
Age: 36 | seeks gay Slave dating in Allapattah, Miami, Florida (FL) USA

23. I want a gay man to pick me up and take me somewhere he will make me spend the rest of my life serving him and pleasing his sexual desires, who has no regard for my personal preference. I believe I may regret this later, but I have the urges and they won’t go away.
Age: 21 | seeks gay Slave dating in Kendall, Miami, Florida (FL) USA

24. I started young with this kinky f*t!sh this is my dream of having a hot master to own me n show me off... I tried a few things so far looking to open my mind with the right master...
Age: 27 | seeks gay Slave dating in Coral Springs, Ft Lauderdale, Florida (FL) USA

Age: 28 | seeks gay Slave dating in Marianna, Tallahassee, Florida (FL) USA

Age: 53 | seeks gay Slave dating in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Florida (FL) USA

27. I want my man to show how important i am, that everythings i want he will do. I want an obedient man....That can show and prove his Devotion and Loyalty.
Age: 29 | seeks gay Slave dating in Miami, Florida (FL) USA

28. Looking for slave/slut ho willing to train and to owned by Me as your Master... so if you are interested on Me add Me on my private [----] messenger james.smith0630..
Age: 30 | seeks gay Slave dating in Miami, Miami, Florida (FL) USA

29. 100% total svbm!ss!v* SISSY panty-wearing FAGGOT b0tt0m azzpig here witha REAL hungry sluthole and pigmouth-Mild2Wild, Van2Kink, whatever your pleasure butalways Safe, Sane, and Consensual - I love getting my [email] pounded long, hard,rough and DEEP ---need U to fvck my asshole WIDE-OPEN and make it GAPE, just like a whore ’s cunt/pussy---with you turning me into your own personal pussywhore pigslut toiletslave nasty faggot sissy Cuntbitch -Love dirty ATM, your c0ck directly outta my filthy [email] into-my Mouth! total svbm!ss!v* b0tt0m ASSPIG here ISO dirty nasty freaky Ass-to-Mouth - let me suck U clean!
Age: 58 | seeks gay Slave dating in North Tampa, Tampa, Florida (FL) USA

30. The BF and i are looking for a Live in slave boi/ouse boi. looking for someone to use up in the bed room and also one to keep the house up and the pool. also looing for a boy that works and dose what he is told. not looking for any one over the age of 34
Age: 36 | seeks gay Slave dating in Orlando, Florida (FL) USA

Age: 22 | seeks gay Slave dating in Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Florida (FL) USA

Age: 25 | seeks gay Slave dating in Central, Miami, Florida (FL) USA

33. dirty dog to humiliate toilets slave
Age: 27 | seeks gay Slave dating in Miami Beach, Miami Beach, Florida (FL) USA

Age: 62 | seeks gay Slave dating in Tampa, Tampa St Petersburg, Florida (FL) USA

35. I have been using slaves for as long as I can remember for financial domination, money slavery, blackmail and humiliation will be enforced by me. You are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity to become one of my personal slaves and worship Me privately. I lead a luxurious and expensive lifestyle and you are here to serve me. There is nothing I like more than humiliating you and watching you squirm. You must crave for my attention and you will do anything i want. After all loser, pleasing me is now your only desire!
Age: 50 | seeks gay Slave dating in Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Florida (FL) USA

36. Butch, Ex Slave to a very serious, Non-Leather scene old guard Master. One who wanted to be taken care of, cooked for, have his wardrobe cared for. And his every sexual fantasy fulfilled. I love taking care of a man I look up to. (Big Brother issues).
Age: 49 | seeks gay Slave dating in Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Florida (FL) USA

37. My boy after entering my home will remove ALL it's clothing and surrender them to me then collared and chained then its clothing will be taken out back and burned. Understanding that this is for life or untill a time that I decide to sell it to another Master. I want a toy that can keep up with me sexaul needs as well as having their limits tested and pushed. It must be into [email] sex, l!ck!ng cvm control, Milking & edging, Chastity, Nipple play, r!mm!ng [email] sex, Plugs & dildo?s, Fisting, Physical drill, WS, Soft SM, Hard SM, Corp [email] punishment, Leather, Rubber & latex, Sneakers, Boots, Cigars, [email] Chains & cuffs, Cage, C &BT, Humiliation, Shaving. must be 18 to 46 slim to average.
Age: 51 | seeks gay Slave dating in Brandon, Tampa St Petersburg, Florida (FL) USA

Age: 29 | seeks gay Slave dating in Callahan, Cocoa Beach, Florida (FL) USA

Age: 46 | seeks gay Slave dating in Clearwater, Tampa St Petersburg, Florida (FL) USA

Age: 35 | seeks gay Slave dating in Nokomis, Tampa St Petersburg, Florida (FL) USA

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