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21. i'm a masculine natural-born slave seeking some One who is between 18 and 45 years of age and who lives in southern California.
Age: 35 | seeks gay Slave dating in Redlands Area Greater La, Inland Empire, California (CA) USA

22. Im a dom gay man who enjoys dating or having a Gay Male slave to service the masters needs
Age: 44 | seeks gay Slave dating in City Centre, Blackpool, Lancashire UNITED KINGDOM

23. slave, order, cage, 24/7, full time, humiliation, punishment, collar, chastity, MASTER, public service, no taboos
Age: 32 | seeks gay Slave dating in Moscow, Moscow, Moscow RUSSIAN FEDERATION

24. Looking for Young slaves
Age: 49 | seeks gay Slave dating in Washington, DC (DC) USA

25. Ideally looking for a dom/master type for long term ownership/complete control. Need to be taken and saved from the everyday world where i cannot be the fag slave property i was born to be.
Age: 35 | seeks gay Slave dating in Old Town Alexandria, Washington, DC (DC) USA

26. looking for a svbm!ss!v* young slave
Age: 46 | seeks gay Slave dating in Lawrenceville, Atlanta, Georgia (GA) USA

27. Im new to being a b0tt0m slave and no master
Age: 31 | seeks gay Slave dating in Anderson, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN) USA

28. Love being worshiped, looking for a slave or sub who can and will do anything I tell him to do. Including but not limited to drinking my piss, svck!ng my big c0ck l!ck!ng my [email] and any other raunch that I desire.
Age: 30 | seeks gay Slave dating in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) USA

29. I desire to own a slave for fun times for both me and my partner. Looking for someone interested in agreed upon activities that will satisfy us all.
Age: 57 | seeks gay Slave dating in Outside, Reading, Pennsylvania (PA) USA

30. Dom Top lookin for obedient worthy slaves
Age: 51 | seeks gay Slave dating in Charleston, West Virginia (WV) USA

31. Never been an owned slave before but knows it needs to be owned, controlled, collared, dominated. 24/7 total power exchange will be its destiny. it has some experience in [email] tt, cbt deep throat, r!mm!ng e-stim, piss, flogging, submission - but never CONTROLLING enough. MASTER, to take ownership, will need to break it mentally and physically. it craves - and fears - that, yes, fears it. it hopes MASTER is patient and sensitive, but nevertheless uses the required force and punishments needed to bend it to Your will. Please, MASTER, train it to fulfill its destiny and release it from freedom - understanding the problems in the beginning but nevertheless unyielding and with required hardness. it needs YOUR total control and extreme, merciless treatment, absolute helpless [email] gagging, lashing, whipping, brutal torturing and joy about its pain and disgust as much as YOUR protection, love, romance, tenderness, kissing and hugs. And it needs YOUR total control of every aspect of its life, mind, body and soul to transform, mold and recreate it. Yes, it is really afraid of its new life, but can it avoid its destiny? it is not interested in one-offs, play or being part of a family. Only looking for a long-term (it would prefer lifelong with no escape and no way out - maybe after a short trial period) and dedicated relationship which isnít limited to sex only but includes all aspects of life. Ideally, nearly no outside life, maybe disappearing forever. it has problems making its own decisions, so kidnap could help to get it into enslavement for the rest of its natural life (if trust is established, it will give full civil name and address so YOU can catch it irreversibly). Hard limits are no scat, blood, needles, burning, children, women, no cyber, cash slave or toilet slave
Age: 49 | seeks gay Slave dating in Nw Suburbs, Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA

32. I am looking for a good slave
Age: 56 | seeks gay Slave dating in Rural Area, Alabama (AL) USA

33. seeking Master. I am a straight slave with a deepseated need to yield. Through a process of re-education it has become apparent that my purpose is to service gay Dominants. Store properly when not in use.
Age: 50 | seeks gay Slave dating in Duboce Triangle, San Francisco, California (CA) USA

34. im looking for a very svbm!ss!v* slave for potential live in position. must have a slim body and willing to sign your life away to me in a contract that you can not break out off
Age: 29 | seeks gay Slave dating in Stourbridge, West Mids UNITED KINGDOM

35. Im new to dating guys but I’m looking for an older gay master to train his slave very strictly. I’m very svbm!ss!v* and have no limits. I enjoy rough [email] and [email] and like to be punished and degraded. Willing to relocate and be a live-in slave
Age: 22 | seeks gay Slave dating in Wigan, Greater Manchester, Manchester UNITED KINGDOM

36. Dom top looking for a slave to own.
Age: 27 | seeks gay Slave dating in Green Bay, Wisconsin (WI) USA

37. looking for young slave bois 18-25
Age: 50 | seeks gay Slave dating in Santa Fe Springs, Orange County, California (CA) USA

38. older master seeking younger slave for 24/7/365 relationship
Age: 52 | seeks gay Slave dating in Rural Area, Kansas (KS) USA

39. Bi svbm!ss!v* sex slave, since very early, needing inimate time and dating of honest, trustworthy dom/top/master men.
Age: 62 | seeks gay Slave dating in Mid-city, Los Angeles, California (CA) USA

40. i am a slave because i like the attention and also because i love to please a masculine man
Age: 47 | seeks gay Slave dating in Westend, Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA

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