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21. slave is craving punishment and t0rtvr* it needs to be disciplined with wh!p paddle, flogger, restrained, its hole stretched, its balls busted, c0ck tortured, nipples ripped off, lick piss, used for groups, kept in chastity and caged
Age: 45 | seeks gay Slave dating in Washington, DC (DC) USA

22. I ’d really like to find a willing slave - one that can be used as well as respected and welcums enjoyment also. I ’m NOT strictly a taker.
Age: 58 | seeks gay Slave dating in Elizebeth Co, Denver, Colorado (CO) USA

23. I am a slave because I love making my master happy. I want to be told what to do, and punished when I donít follow orders. I want to make you cvm and [email] every last drop of your load. I want to please you.
Age: 21 | seeks gay Slave dating in New York City, New York (NY) USA

24. I enjoy the pleasure of a total svbm!ss!v* boy slave willing to devote himself to the pleasure of his Master. discipline, humiliation ,accepted as needed for the betterment of the slave.
Age: 75 | seeks gay Slave dating in All, Florida (FL) USA

25. I am not the type of person to take days or months to make a decision. I have a life to live and decisions I do every day... I know what I like and I bet at your gut level, you do too... So that is why if you are ready and this feels good in your gut and it feels good in mine, I would take it to Vegas that it will all work out. So let go and let your gut decide or not decide to respond to this ad or p [email] it by... If you are a true slave this should be a relief and if you are my true slave we will both feel relief! Are you finally ready to let go and fulfill what your purpose is in life? Are you tired of working and getting nowhere in life? Can you not manage your life and need someone else to do it for you? Do you crave to be the complete svbm!ss!v* so much that it is over powering your daily life? Iím educated, attractive, sane, and wealthy and I need a toy! I own a business that is lucrative and well known. I will not post or provide photos for that reason. you must enjoy: wearing my collar, learning respect, displaying loyalty, traveling (car, air & boat), being shown off, being used and controlled, public display, chains, whips, [email] service, [email] service, sense deprivation, chastity, blindfolding/masks, gags, electro and of course being an insatiable c0ck whore. If you are involved in the court system this is not an escape from any sentence or probation, but if you have a conviction in your past, I ENCOURAGE you to apply! I enjoy taking charge of the bad boys... In addition be 18 to 30 years old, drug and disease free, slim to athletic build, c0ck size not important but I prefer my boy to have a small c0ck (the smaller the better!), hairless preferred but can shave and the most important... be ready to walk away from everything that is your life right now, today. If interested respond with the date that you will be ready to be retrieved in the Central Ohio Area. You will need to make arrangements for travel, but I might be able to assist or even retrieve you at your current location if my schedule permits. This is not a joke! Nor is this in regards to a play session, a one-time thing or any other short-lived situation. This is a great opportunity for anyone with the true slave heart that is needing to serve, because right now... I need to be served... Everything happens for a reason and to everything there is a time and place. Is yours right here, right now? Follow your gut because that is the only way to roll. Keep this in mind, do not ask about anything other than offering yourself to serve on a particular date and at a particular time. Everything else will no longer be your worry or concern, after all that is one of the luxuries of being a kept slave. Limits... in my opinion a true svbm!ss!v* does not place limits on their master other than keeping them disease free through safe sex as well as providing the slave with adequate food, housing and medical care. If there are specific medical issues that require medication, doctor visits or similar; be certain to include them in your initial email. Limitations do not negate a prospect, as we all have physical limitations in this world; but they do present obstacles that need to be understood by all involved.. you will be kept nude on display and locked in a cage unless you are being used. your connection to the outside world will be completely severed. Zero contact to start with a slow reintegration into your new life as slave. If you are ready to completely surrender today and believe that you are attractive enough to fulfill this position donít doddle and apply now. My gut will make the call. Donít worry about a yes or no from me. Concentrate on what your gut is telling you at this moment and follow it. What you will find no matter my response is a personal growth that will enable you to instinctively follow your master when they do come before you. Only one position is being offered and for only one slave. Now show me why you are the one that I seek.
Age: 37 | seeks gay Slave dating in Downtown, Columbus, Ohio (OH) USA

26. I am a gay cbt slave of more than 30 years and am looking for a new cbt Master that will enjoy using my c0ck and balls for his pleasure
Age: 60 | seeks gay Slave dating in Bradford, West Yorkshire UNITED KINGDOM

27. i am a slave looking for a Master to give all control to.
Age: 37 | seeks gay Slave dating in Seattle Tacoma, Washington (WA) USA

28. Im a slave because I ve always wanted to be under someone, I ve always felt uncomfortable with taking responsibility, but I feel pleasure in serving a Master and make his happiness
Age: 40 | seeks gay Slave dating in Regneville, Normandie FRANCE METROPOLITAN

29. I want to explore the idea of being a panty slave to a strong man.
Age: 44 | seeks gay Slave dating in Birmingham, Alabama (AL) USA

30. I desire to own a slave for fun times for both me and my partner. Looking for someone interested in agreed upon activities that will satisfy us all.
Age: 56 | seeks gay Slave dating in Outside, Reading, Pennsylvania (PA) USA

31. seeking a harsh and Sadiest Master to show its property its place. It seeks to be broken in all ways. Also seeking a trucker Master. It has its CDL with a clean MVR it has 11 year otr exp and it would love to be shackled to the cab floor and made to drive longer hours for its Master.
Age: 48 | seeks gay Slave dating in Savannah, Georgia (GA) USA

32. looking to see if there are any good slaves in the area
Age: 47 | seeks gay Slave dating in Downtown, Ft Lauderdale, Florida (FL) USA

33. bdsm slave into being dominated and controlled
Age: 44 | seeks gay Slave dating in San Diego, San Diego, California (CA) USA

34. i watch gay porn of slaves being done by there master and it turns me on
Age: 32 | seeks gay Slave dating in Kettering, Northampton, Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

35. Sane slave in London looking for sane master for safe fun
Age: 40 | seeks gay Slave dating in South, London, London UNITED KINGDOM

36. I wish to try to be a gay slave to a dom. or just a one night stand. It could even be a woman wanting a sub sissy in panties to fvck as her slave.
Age: 44 | seeks gay Slave dating in Walhalla, Rural Area, South Carolina (SC) USA

37. I love being in control, itís the best rush ever! Owning a slave who wants to be controlled is even better! While I am strict, I am also fair.
Age: 39 | seeks gay Slave dating in Midtown - Westport Area, Kansas City, Missouri (MO) USA

38. slave sub b0tt0m for 3 years. Learning the ropes. Only a session player, Repeat play if all goes well. Looking to just gain more experiences.
Age: 37 | seeks gay Slave dating in Cleveland, Ohio (OH) USA

39. Footjobs, slaves, [email] golden showers, human dogs, feet worshiping
Age: 36 | seeks gay Slave dating in Deira, Dubai, Down Town UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

40. seeking a loving, strict older man for a long-term relationship, ideally ownership.
Age: 45 | seeks gay Slave dating in Near Cc, Manchester, England UNITED KINGDOM

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