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21. I checked b0tt0m but I'm not a b0tt0m I am and have always been a sub/slave. Genuine and eager to serve.
Age: 42 | seeks gay Slave dating in Victoria , Brighton , Victoria AUSTRALIA

22. slave
Age: 26 | seeks gay Slave dating in Grand Rapids, Michigan (MI) USA

23. After my divorce I started with men. It was soon after that that I realized how much I loved to suck c0ck The next step was realizing how svbm!ss!v* I had become and how much I just wanted to be a slave and be used. I am looking for a gay Master to further train me to be a good slave.
Age: 65 | seeks gay Slave dating in Northern Subburbs, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA) USA

24. I am a money slave. I need younger guys to use me and humiliate me and make me get on my knees and hand over some cash to them. Im a piss pig too so that adds to the humiliation.
Age: 53 | seeks gay Slave dating in Providence, Rhode Island (RI) USA

25. JerryClaxton is a GAYHIVPOZ [email] CockFucker, in Wilmette, Chicago, IL [email] slave GAY HIV POZ [email] [email] b0tt0m fvck!ng Big Black c0cks Breed my asshole JerryClaxton is an OPENLIY GAY, OVERTLY GAY HOMOSEXUAL, Breeding JerryClaxton cvm INSIDE ME I am yours to fulfill your complete desires Alpha to my omega.
Age: 64 | seeks gay Slave dating in Wilmette, Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA

26. Smooth, slave boys, ready to please Daddy
Age: 54 | seeks gay Slave dating in Country, San Diego, California (CA) USA

27. i am a slave because i like to please my masters looking for a perminent master who i can please and do anything for
Age: 31 | seeks gay Slave dating in Mexborough, Doncaster, Doncaster UNITED KINGDOM

28. I'm a b0tt0m crossdresser because I'm a woman with a man's body. So I like only men and act as a biological woman. I 'm very svbm!ss!v* and my dream is to be a real slave being bought and sold between very masculine masters.
Age: 50 | seeks gay Slave dating in SPAIN

29. slave
Age: 47 | seeks gay Slave dating in Blue Mountains, Sydney, New South Wales AUSTRALIA

30. looking for young slave bois 18-25
Age: 50 | seeks gay Slave dating in Santa Fe Springs, Orange County, California (CA) USA

31. I enjoy the pleasure of a total svbm!ss!v* boy slave willing to devote himself to the pleasure of his Master. discipline, humiliation ,accepted as needed for the betterment of the slave.
Age: 76 | seeks gay Slave dating in All, Florida (FL) USA

32. it was born a slave
Age: 55 | seeks gay Slave dating in Rural, Rural Area, Indiana (IN) USA

33. I need new slaves age 18-35, who give lip/ smoke, smooth who live in UK., that can strip [email] today. I [email] birch/cane slaves hard on bare bvtts
Age: 49 | seeks gay Slave dating in Amersham, London, Buckinghamshire UNITED KINGDOM

34. im a slave because i enjoy being svbm!ss!v* and its always total pleasure serving and being under control of a good Master
Age: 30 | seeks gay Slave dating in Terre Haute, Indiana (IN) USA

35. looking kinky slave
Age: 34 | seeks gay Slave dating in Surabaya, East Java INDONESIA

36. I am a [email] 63 year old master. I expect absolute obedience without question. It will keep my house spotless, feed my pets (one cat), at times cook, and any other chore I tell it to do. If slave does not obey, or does something it is not suppose to do, then it will be spanked with a leather strap, maybe even tied up for any infraction. It will belong to me, his possessions will belong to me, he has no rights unless I give him rights. If slave is obedient and if I think it is worthy, it might get to accompany me on vacations, sports events (especially hockey, swimming, basketball). But what i'm expecting is total obedience with no questions asked, no attitude, and least of all, performed perfectly !!!
Age: 63 | seeks gay Slave dating in Timberlake South Of Lynchburg, Roanoke, Virginia (VA) USA

37. What slave Needs RULES: Master Kirk (my husband) is away during the day from 7am-3pm MST, Monday-Friday. He requires a Virtual Dom who can instill daily rules and control. These work best when you have a good understanding of who I am, giving you the ability to tweak my routine and provide subtle humiliation and the knowledge that I am being controlled. HUMILIATION: By this I do not mean spreading hundreds of images of me playing with myself, I need a more specialized kind of humiliation based on who I am what I enjoy doing in my daily life. PUNISHMENTS: This should take the form of something I do not always enjoy (what's the point otherwise) but I do not appreciate being pushed to doing anything I would explicitly not do. CONTROL: I need to be told when to piss, when to eat, when to shower, when to cvm what to wear, tasks, etc. You have full control over my daily routine, you create it and I follow it. TASKS: There are too many Masters who expect a slave to know them entirely by saying, just take good pictures for me, slave. WTF!? Please have tasks in mind before applying, Sir. I need to be trained.
Age: 23 | seeks gay Slave dating in Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) USA

38. I am a smooth gay chubby slave who loves to cam for demanding Masters.
Age: 48 | seeks gay Slave dating in Mount Chev, Canterbury NEW ZEALAND

39. I understand the needs of the slave side and have communicated with Masters and understand their needs. It's a yin yang sexuality in a sub group of sexuality.
Age: 44 | seeks gay Slave dating in Wellington, Wellington NEW ZEALAND

40. As I require a higher level of stimulation to be used, abused & tormented by a sadistic Top or Master for their pleasure and amusement. Need to be pushed to sexual exhaustion in long sessions, rest then start again!! i am willing to work others over in all kinds of k!nk if instructed or ordered to do so i play hard . I am a bdsm leather player pigs pig seeking use in Intense power play in CBTT,FISTING/ASSPLAY, corp [email] punishment to the height of cries for mercy for the play to stop!
Age: 57 | seeks gay Slave dating in Malden, Boston, Massachusetts (MA) USA

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