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I am a sub slave because I enjoy the view from the b0tt0m
Age: 48 | seeks gay Slave dating in Northwest, Greensboro Winston Salem, North Carolina (NC) USA


I’ve been a Master for almost 6yrs, so i have a lot of experience. Ideally i’m looking for a real slave partner to train and own seriously. I been looking for a sub/slave for a while but haven’t found what im looking for yet. I’m very kinky so i get into everything.. I love most those slaves that are near to me so that i can [email] them in real. I can host and i want here my place.
Age: 35 | seeks gay Slave dating in Granville Place, London, Belfast UNITED KINGDOM



Long term commitment only with very serious educated professional slaves , total serve to serve and worship a master ! Ready to relocate for the right commitment !
Age: 34 | seeks gay Slave dating in Center, London, London UNITED KINGDOM


I am especially interested in getting trained to be a realistic dog. Master can train me, collar me, feed me with a dog dish. slave would crawl, bark, fetch things, play games, and pee in doggy style. I always have fantasies like that and doing so alone. I always hope to have real experience. It would also be nice to meet and practice with other dog slaves, too. I am also interested in being Masterís houseboy or servant. Doing housework [email] Sometimes as motionless furniture like a table. No sex and blood is involved, just male submission. I can be a Master or slave in e-mail training, with kinky tasks performed and proved by photos.
Age: 26 | seeks gay Slave dating in Taipei, Taipei TAIWAN


This advertisement if for someone to fvck my male slave hard. I hope he we be used by more than one person at the same time or a person who like to hurt their sex toys
Age: 52 | seeks gay Slave dating in Nantong, Jiangsu CHINA


we need gay slave to live with us full time. you will serve us day and night. i am disabled so my needs come first. i use forearm cruches, wheelchair and a hospital bed. since my stroke, my right side is limited in use.
Age: 61 | seeks gay Slave dating in Pleasant Unity A Small Town, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) USA


I am a Black Master. Looking for hairy White slave.
Age: 51 | seeks gay Slave dating in Long Island, New York (NY) USA


Professional guy that enjoys molding minds and wallets in his free time. As this isnít my primary job, my time is limited but I do offer several files on my site including a free induction and free cash slave files. Otherwise, get my attention with tributes, gifts, or by being hot. I admit Iím not as fit as some others and no cam muscle master; it is a goal but I like to say: get off to the muscle doms, get controlled by me. ;) In general Iím a nice, approachable guy, and slaves/subs are welcome to send friend requests. I donít usually go the demanding route like the majority of other findoms - I have no issues with this, just not my style most of the time. That said, Iíve come to realize that sometimes a fat pig or ugly slave deserves getting treated like the cunt he is. Iíd love to mold some muscular Alpha slaves to show off on cam on sites like these and split 50/50 with me. Something I havenít done yet but want to explore; if you think you have the stuff let me know and we can do some hypno training.
Age: 34 | seeks gay Slave dating in Northcentral, Rural Area, Iowa (IA) USA


looking for young slave bois 18-25
Age: 49 | seeks gay Slave dating in Santa Fe Springs, Orange County, California (CA) USA


a hot young slaveboy
Age: 52 | seeks gay Slave dating in All, Pennsylvania (PA) USA


Looking for slave/slut ho willing to train and to owned by Me as your Master... so if you are interested on Me add Me on my private [----] messenger james.smith0630..
Age: 28 | seeks gay Slave dating in Miami, Miami, Florida (FL) USA


slave to serve
Age: 66 | seeks gay Slave dating in Outside, State College Pa, Pennsylvania (PA) USA


it was a slave for about 3 years and wishes to regain the joy, excitement, and fulfillment of serving a Master SIR, even if only on a part-time / occasional basis SIR. it enjoys serving Master in the following ways SIR: ws, cbt tt, Master/slave (standard slave rules, plus anything You would want to add). feet (kissing, l!ck!ng sucking), sneakers (force to smell them), boots (smell / lick), sounds, electro, being used as a footstool, svck!ng getting fucked, groups, being shared, cages, punishments, restraints, [email] flogging, slapping, spanking, 3-ways, 4-ways, more-ways, [email] gags, blindfolds, corp [email] punishment, spit (spit on me, in my face, make me open my mouth and spit in it), humiliation, boots, verbal abuse, [email] play (no fisting), basically use me however you wish. However, only hard limits are: no scat, blood sport, needles,breath-control, kids, women, animals, or fisting (unless you have small hands and go very fvck!ng slow). Of course Master can determined what the slave is into according to HIS needs and desires as long as the above limits are respected SIR and the slave thanks SIR for agreeing to those limits SIR. It is 5í10 239 brn hair grn eyes. it has been into bdsm since it was 19 years old. During that time I have served 2 Masters on a relatively full-time basis (but not as a live-in). I have also had several boys/slaves that i have trained/owned. Typically it goes for Masters from 18- 45, either thin, athletic, or muscular builds. it also prefers Master to be naturally masculine. The masculinity does not need to be over the top or fake or phony. Just please act like a man, SIR. it welcomes any and all questions You have SIR and it will answer each with honesty and forthrightness SIR. If You are interested in chatting SIR, please contact it on [----] as gay cop29 SIR.
Age: 43 | seeks gay Slave dating in Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA


Gay Male looking for a slave for occassional use
Age: 47 | seeks gay Slave dating in West, Akron, Ohio (OH) USA


100% total svbm!ss!v* SISSY panty-wearing FAGGOT b0tt0m azzpig here witha REAL hungry sluthole and pigmouth-Mild2Wild, Van2Kink, whatever your pleasure butalways Safe, Sane, and Consensual - I love getting my [email] pounded long, hard,rough and DEEP ---need U to fvck my asshole WIDE-OPEN and make it GAPE, just like a whore ’s cunt/pussy---with you turning me into your own personal pussywhore pigslut toiletslave nasty faggot sissy Cuntbitch -Love dirty ATM, your c0ck directly outta my filthy [email] into-my Mouth! total svbm!ss!v* b0tt0m ASSPIG here ISO dirty nasty freaky Ass-to-Mouth - let me suck U clean!
Age: 57 | seeks gay Slave dating in North Tampa, Tampa, Florida (FL) USA


I like slaves, because as slaves we can share the hidden desires we both so want. I don’t mind having a slave but I want to be slaved out also.
Age: 49 | seeks gay Slave dating in Hamilton, Ontario CANADA


I have the sexual and physical wants, needs, and desires that satisfy the svbm!ss!v* slave that finds mental, sexual, and physical release through domination. This form of relationship allows Me as the authoritarian Master to exercise power for the benefit of the slave and its Master. I feel a benevolent Master allows for some democratic decision-making to exist, but over all guides and directs the slave to positive outcomes through direct and immediate direction.
Age: 48 | seeks gay Slave dating in West Side Of Muncie, Rural Area, Indiana (IN) USA


I am looking to be trained as a dog slave,I have an urge to be owned
Age: 48 | seeks gay Slave dating in Knaresborough, Harrogate, North Yorkshire UNITED KINGDOM


Looking for masculine domestic slaves
Age: 43 | seeks gay Slave dating in Budapest, Pest HUNGARY


I am Master Hermans, a dominant man. looking a slave, who has been conducting bdsm sessions on a commercial basis for more than 5 years.Over that time, my skills, attributes and style of play has evolved. Whether you are new to the scene or are highly experienced at being a sub / slave - Come with Me on your journey of self discovery and enlightenment whatever your needs, desires, fears and fantasies.I will provide you with guidance, nurturing and strict discipline.
Age: 29 | seeks gay Slave dating in England, Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM

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