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1. Iím a b0tt0m crossdresser because Iím a woman with a manís body. So I like only men and act as a biological woman. I ím very svbm!ss!v* and my dream is to be a real slave being bought and sold between very masculine masters.
Age: 50 | seeks gay Slave dating in - , SPAIN

2. I am looking for a master. What most attracts me is to serve a young master. I am loking for a longterm relationship. I am very curious about this group.
Age: 60 | seeks gay Slave dating in Lisbon, Lisbon, Lisbon PORTUGAL

3. I am a smooth gay chubby slave who loves to cam for demanding masters.
Age: 47 | seeks gay Slave dating in Mount Chev, Canterbury NEW ZEALAND

4. I wish to be an obedient pnp slave to a kind and generous master, to serve and for my master to administer pnp
Age: 49 | seeks gay Slave dating in Brisbane, Queensland AUSTRALIA

5. Iím a gay chubby svbm!ss!v* slave who is willing to do anything for the perfect master.
Age: 19 | seeks gay Slave dating in Ossian , Fort Wayne, Indiana (IN) USA

6. As I require a higher level of stimulation to be used, abused & tormented by a sadistic Top or master for their pleasure and amusement. Need to be pushed to sexual exhaustion in long sessions, rest then start again!! i am willing to work others over in all kinds of k!nk if instructed or ordered to do so i play hard . I am a bdsm leather player pigs pig seeking use in Intense power play in CBTT,FISTING/ASSPLAY, corp [email] punishment to the height of cries for mercy for the play to stop!
Age: 57 | seeks gay Slave dating in Malden, Boston, Massachusetts (MA) USA

7. not much experience in fact a novice have only been tied up a few times while being fucked and a few scat experience. I am an exhibitionist I like my picture or video taken while being used. My íshort-termí goal is to be able to take a fist. Have many piercings and a lot of tattoos and would love to get more... I will relocate if possible. Eventually I want to be a 24/7 no limit slave with total hair perminantly removed from head to toe including eyebrows. to be heavily pierced and tattooed with humiliating words and graphics on face or any visible places and be kept [email] as possible or minimum clothing and never be allowed to wear any footwear and cover my [email] hole. I will serve my master in every way He would like me to and serve His every needs. I will also be His full service toilet and take care of all His bodily function. I will earn my keep as whore, to be rented out as no limit streetwhore or perform in extreme porn. I will also be used, raped or gangbanged for free by anyone or animals my master orders me to serve.
Age: 35 | seeks gay Slave dating in Hong Kong, Hong Kong HONG KONG

8. Im a slave because I ve always wanted to be under someone, I ve always felt uncomfortable with taking responsibility, but I feel pleasure in serving a master and make his happiness
Age: 40 | seeks gay Slave dating in Regneville, Normandie FRANCE METROPOLITAN

9. Iím a slave who wants to care for a master in all ways, if they are willing to take care of me as well.
Age: 34 | seeks gay Slave dating in Smyrna, Atlanta, Georgia (GA) USA

10. i am young master looking for old slave
Age: 32 | seeks gay Slave dating in Antakya, Antakya, Hatay TURKEY

11. I understand the needs of the slave side and have communicated with masters and understand their needs. Itís a yin yang sexuality in a sub group of sexuality.
Age: 44 | seeks gay Slave dating in Wellington, Wellington NEW ZEALAND

12. slave is 45 experienced and very respectful and believes its place is in front of a master on its knees. slave will give most things a go as long as it pleases its master
Age: 45 | seeks gay Slave dating in Highbridge, Taunton, Somerset UNITED KINGDOM

13. I require new slaves to keep the dungeon tidy, that give lip, or smoke smooth that live in the UK. Slaves who disobey master’s orders, will be spanked, birched and or caned in the nude on their bare bvtts
Age: 49 | seeks gay Slave dating in Amersham, London, Buckinghamshire UNITED KINGDOM

14. I am a master and want real svbm!ss!v* slaves to be around me [email] and meet my demands. I am looking for a guy who needs dominant masters in order to find a reason for their own existance.
Age: 60 | seeks gay Slave dating in Nijmegen, Gelderland NETHERLANDS

15. Im a dom gay man who enjoys dating or having a Gay Male Slave to service the masters needs
Age: 44 | seeks gay Slave dating in City Centre, Blackpool, Lancashire UNITED KINGDOM

16. slave, order, cage, 24/7, full time, humiliation, punishment, collar, chastity, master, public service, no taboos
Age: 32 | seeks gay Slave dating in Moscow, Moscow, Moscow RUSSIAN FEDERATION

17. Ideally looking for a dom/master type for long term ownership/complete control. Need to be taken and saved from the everyday world where i cannot be the fag slave property i was born to be.
Age: 35 | seeks gay Slave dating in Old Town Alexandria, Washington, DC (DC) USA

18. A bbc master
Age: 53 | seeks gay Slave dating in Brainerd, All, Minnesota (MN) USA

19. Im new to being a b0tt0m slave and no master
Age: 31 | seeks gay Slave dating in Anderson, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN) USA

20. I am a [email] 62 year old master. I expect absolute obedience without question. It will keep my house spotless, feed my pets (cats), at times cook, and any other chore I tell it to do. If slave does not obey, or does something it is not suppose to do, then it will be spanked with a leather strap, maybe even tied up for any infraction. It will belong to me, his possessions will belong to me, he has no rights unless I give him rights. If slave is obedient and if I think it is worthy, it might get to accompany me on vacations, sports events (especially hockey, swimming, basketball). But what iím expecting is total obedience with no questions asked, no attitude, and least of all, performed perfectly !!!
Age: 63 | seeks gay Slave dating in Timberlake South Of Lynchburg, Roanoke, Virginia (VA) USA

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