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1. I am a [email] 62 year old master. I expect absolute obedience without question. It will keep my house spotless, feed my pets (cats), at times cook, and any other chore I tell it to do. If slave does not obey, or does something it is not suppose to do, then it will be spanked with a leather strap, maybe even tied up for any infraction. It will belong to me, his possessions will belong to me, he has no rights unless I give him rights. If slave is obedient and if I think it is worthy, it might get to accompany me on vacations, sports events (especially hockey, swimming, basketball). But what iím expecting is total obedience with no questions asked, no attitude, and least of all, performed perfectly !!!
Age: 62 | seeks gay Slave dating in Timberlake South Of Lynchburg, Roanoke, Virginia (VA) USA

2. Have always been submisive and wanting 2 serve feel incomplete without a master holding my collar and to be ownwed and disciplined and to serve and make my master proud. will relocate in the southern states and correspond and tell more and show more
Age: 67 | seeks gay Slave dating in All, Texas (TX) USA

3. Seeking a harsh and Sadiest master to show its property its place. It seeks to be broken in all ways. Also Seeking a trucker master. It has its CDL with a clean MVR it has 11 year otr exp and it would love to be shackled to the cab floor and made to drive longer hours for its master.
Age: 47 | seeks gay Slave dating in Savannah, Georgia (GA) USA

4. older master seeking younger slave for 24/7/365 relationship
Age: 51 | seeks gay Slave dating in Rural Area, Kansas (KS) USA

5. i watch gay porn of slaves being done by there master and it turns me on
Age: 31 | seeks gay Slave dating in Kettering, Northampton, Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

6. Sane slave in London looking for sane master for safe fun
Age: 40 | seeks gay Slave dating in South, London, London UNITED KINGDOM

7. Since as long as I had thoughts of companionship. Iíve desired to serve and except my master and his values and uses for me. Excited Intimadated and loyal ..
Age: 43 | seeks gay Slave dating in Utah County Orem, Salt Lake City, Utah (UT) USA

8. not much experience in fact a novice have only been tied up a few times while being fucked and a few scat experience. I am an exhibitionist I like my picture or video taken while being used. My íshort-termí goal is to be able to take a fist. Have many piercings and a lot of tattoos and would love to get more... I will relocate if possible. Eventually I want to be a 24/7 no limit slave with total hair perminantly removed from head to toe including eyebrows. to be heavily pierced and tattooed with humiliating words and graphics on face or any visible places and be kept [email] as possible or minimum clothing and never be allowed to wear any footwear and cover my [email] hole. I will serve my master in every way He would like me to and serve His every needs. I will also be His full service toilet and take care of all His bodily function. I will earn my keep as whore, to be rented out as no limit streetwhore or perform in extreme porn. I will also be used, raped or gangbanged for free by anyone or animals my master orders me to serve.
Age: 35 | seeks gay Slave dating in Hong Kong, Hong Kong HONG KONG

9. Dating, Looking for a master.
Age: 41 | seeks gay Slave dating in Nw, Los Angeles, California (CA) USA

10. svbm!ss!v* gay slave looking to serve a master
Age: 48 | seeks gay Slave dating in North - West, London, London UNITED KINGDOM

11. master would enjoy meeting other guys 20-48, That might enjoy enemas, spanking, paddling, whipping, restraint, [email] t!t play, diapers, role play, etc. A friendship would be nice, but a LTR would be great! Just a regular guy that was raised in the country by older folks. There was a strap behind the bedroom door and a big red enema bag behind the bathroom door!
Age: 52 | seeks gay Slave dating in Fayetteville, North Carolina (NC) USA

12. Im a dom gay man who enjoys dating or having a Gay Male Slave to service the masters needs
Age: 43 | seeks gay Slave dating in City Centre, Blackpool, Lancashire UNITED KINGDOM

13. i am a slave looking for a master to give all control to.
Age: 37 | seeks gay Slave dating in Seattle Tacoma, Washington (WA) USA

14. looking for a good DOM or a master
Age: 39 | seeks gay Slave dating in UNITED KINGDOM

15. it lives to serve the needs and desires of a strong master. M asters wishes and desires are its wishes and desires. total submission Sir
Age: 48 | seeks gay Slave dating in Rural Area, Minnesota (MN) USA

16. I am a Gay master in to [email] electro, chastity, shaving, imprisonment, domination, poppers, etc
Age: 49 | seeks gay Slave dating in Little Hulton, Manchester, Lancashire UNITED KINGDOM

17. a master to serve as He wants
Age: 62 | seeks gay Slave dating in Ames, Des Moines, Iowa (IA) USA

18. I ím a sex slave looking for a master
Age: 29 | seeks gay Slave dating in Stlouis, Springfield, Illinois (IL) USA

19. seeking master. I am a straight slave with a deepseated need to yield. Through a process of r Žducation it has become apparent that my purpose is to service gay Dominants. Store properly when not in use.
Age: 49 | seeks gay Slave dating in Duboce Triangle, San Francisco, California (CA) USA

20. I am a good for nothing armpit l!ck!ng asshole munching, foot svck!ng spit swallowing, c0ck gobbling faggot. I love being used and degraded and humiliated. I enjoy servicing and worshiping my masters.
Age: 29 | seeks gay Slave dating in Hamilton, Ontario CANADA

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