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1. I wish to try to be a gay slave to a dom. or just a one night stand. It could even be a woman wanting a sub sissy in panties to fuck as her slave.
Age: 43 | seeks gay Slave dating in Walhalla, Rural Area, South Carolina (SC) USA

2. Iím a very submissive and obedient sissy from Orange County, CA. Looking to completely surrender myself to pleasuring and sexually satisfying a mature Dom owner and master fulltime 24/7. He has an insatiable sexual appitite for Extreme sex,advanced bondage and fetishes. He wants to fully feminize me and transform me in his perfect permanent sex slave however he sees fit, stripping any hint of masculinity from me and controlling me in everyway.
Age: 48 | seeks gay Slave dating in Costa Mesa, Orange County, California (CA) USA

3. Turn ons: I get turned on by obedient slaves.I have been known to smash guys balls on the concrete lol and sissy cock suckers men into anything i want even if that means ruining them. I stop at nothing! I am extreme and i always get my way so if your up for a challenge try me!
Age: 29 | seeks gay Slave dating in London, England UNITED KINGDOM

4. 100% total submissive sissy panty-wearing FAGGOT bottom azzpig here witha REAL hungry sluthole and pigmouth-Mild2Wild, Van2Kink, whatever your pleasure butalways Safe, Sane, and Consensual - I love getting my ass pounded long, hard,rough and DEEP ---need U to fuck my asshole WIDE-OPEN and make it GAPE, just like a whore ’s cunt/pussy---with you turning me into your own personal pussywhore pigslut toiletslave nasty faggot sissy Cuntbitch -Love dirty ATM, your cock directly outta my filthy Ass into-my Mouth! total submissive bottom ASSPIG here ISO dirty nasty freaky Ass-to-Mouth - let me suck U clean!
Age: 57 | seeks gay Slave dating in North Tampa, Tampa, Florida (FL) USA

5. It was put on earth to service and worship a real man...i am a littke dicked sissy bitch cum dumpster
Age: 33 | seeks gay Slave dating in Oaklawn, Dallas, Texas (TX) USA

6. I want to be a sissy crossdressing slave for guys
Age: 56 | seeks gay Slave dating in Ashtabula, Cleveland, Ohio (OH) USA

7. I’m an owned sissy slave I have a black MASTER that commands me to serve other Masters or Doms that like using fat sissy slaves.
Age: 68 | seeks gay Slave dating in Yonkers, Yonkers, New Jersey (NJ) USA

8. I am a very sissy and submissive male.I am seeking a gay owner to serve.I am totally obedient and NEED to be absolutely controlled and worship my OWNER.
Age: 41 | seeks gay Slave dating in Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia (GA) USA

9. please help turn me into bareback cumdump sissy
Age: 46 | seeks gay Slave dating in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri (MO) USA

10. Dom top male who wants a sissy slut that he can mold for his sexual fantasies and desires
Age: 59 | seeks gay Slave dating in Manhattan, New York City, New York (NY) USA

11. White gay adult, sissy dogslave seeking a Master and Owner for long term relationship.The slave hope to be the property 24/7/365 to a black or asian Master.
Age: 68 | seeks gay Slave dating in Oslo, Oslo NORWAY

12. i want to be a master from a sissy slave.. i have a lot of imagination and fantasy.. let ’s role play!
Age: 27 | seeks gay Slave dating in Bandung, West Java INDONESIA

13. i want a muscular (if possible) not into fat, young (30yo), not sissy. I like to control all of my slave life and also can have long session (more than 24 hours) but I still open to any option, so for anyone interested please send me a message
Age: 31 | seeks gay Slave dating in Jkt, Jakarta, Dki INDONESIA

14. I am 25, and live in Eastern Savannah. I am looking to serve a man, I want to be a total slut, i want a master who will be glad that i have no limits. to be honest i am sort of a bimbo (IQ wise, you know) and a sissy. i am not incredibly masculine. i just want to be used. i will do what i am told, and i have virtualy no limits (basicaly just no children) ------- I AM ALSO LOOKING FOR LOCAL MEN, I WILL BE YOUR BITCH, YOUR SLUT, CAGE ME, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS DRIVE TO PICK ME UP, AND IM YOURS
Age: 31 | seeks gay Slave dating in East Side, Savannah, Georgia (GA) USA

15. I was born a sissy faggot from birth but tried to live life as a real man.....that failed and I finally realized i am just a sissy faggot here to serve worship obey....
Age: 33 | seeks gay Slave dating in Oaklawn, Dallas, Texas (TX) USA

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