Welcome to the New GaySlaveCentral!

A site for gay slaves and for their masters. Here you can meet gay slaves for friendship, dating, or even more!

We've officially launched our all new website! This is a completely new code rewrite from the original. We want to continue offering the same core features as before but in a better looking, more up to date, and easier to use format. The new code framework we're using will also be much easier for us to maintain and add on to, so we can more quickly add new features as requested by our members!

Feel free to explore the new site and experience some of these new features:

  • New easier-to-read conversational-based Messages system - all past conversations are grouped into one screen per member.
  • Higher message limit - basic members can now send up to 36 online private messages a day, to other members who are currently online at the same time!
  • Enhanced searching by distance and map selection - makes it much easier to find other members near you!
  • New Quick Rate feature replaces the former hotlist - you can rate each profile as a "definitely", "maybe" or "not my type". If you both like each other we'll let you know!
  • New swipe-able full screen photo view of each member's photos
  • Ability for premier members to upload private photos and send them only as a message attachment to members of their choosing
  • And many more!

Have comments or feedback about what you see, problems or bugs to report, or any ideas for new features you'd like to see on GaySlaveCentral? Let us know!! We appreciate all feedback from our members!

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I am looking for a master. What most attracts me is to serve a young master. I am loking for a
Write me and i will tell you
Looking for a lad when wants to be a slaveboi. Fit, intelligent but loves being controlled.
I was just surfin the net and lucked up on this site I

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Write me and i will tell you
I was just surfin the net and lucked up on this site I
Gay fetish, always horny
i wanna be someones bitch
looking for a master
Wnt to be owned used gang raped
Looking for a master to turn me into a roided musclebound beast living only on the purpose to serve

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